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Manufacturing & Industrial Solutions

Fast Track to become the Leader of the Industry 4.0 Era.

We engineer smart software solutions to prevent unnecessary downtime and accelerate your growth with process optimization.

Intelligent Automation for Disruptive Innovation

Relieve your employees from repetitive tasks, maximize throughput and optimize costs with intelligent process automation in Manufacturing, Quality Inspection, Control System and more.

We reimagine and reinvent business processes and operations to navigate the complex competitive industrial ecosystem. Our expert team adopts a proven approach to automation design and implementation that creates a lasting competitive advantage.

User Independent Inventive Solutions

We are leading the next wave of business transformation with disruptive technologies that advance your journey to success.

We deploy enterprise wide solutions to enable organizations with operational excellence, improved ROI and effective asset life cycle management.

Hex29 taps into the potential of IoT and data analysis to automate your warehouse logistics and sturdily foresee the maintenance in real-time.

Meet the evolving market expectations, serve your customers robustly with utilities thrived on tech solutions for increasing energy efficiency and resource delivery automation.

Stun your customers with impeccable omnichannel experiences powered by automation that lets you focus on your products and handle the rest.

Team Support

Hex29 houses an excellent team of experienced developers. Invest with confidence with our remote extended teams to get your products to market faster. Stay in control of your projects and save time with the reduced operational hassle.


This is how we work

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