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    Yes, we offer free maintenance services for the first 6 months from the date of delivery. Thereafter maintenance will be offered based on the paid packages subscribed for.

    We accept payments through local bank transfers or international payment gateways.

    It actually depends on the project scope. However, we will deliver a high fidelity UI prototype of the project within the first 15 – 30 days to validate the solution features.

    Yes, we provide you with resourceful remote teams with diverse skills to smoothly sync in with your existing teams and complete your essential project activities successfully.

    Well, we do have an instalment payment model for startups where they are required to make an initial down payment of 20% and pay the remaining in instalments from the date of project delivery. It depends on the startup requirements and the financial background. Thus clients who require startup services can approach us without hesitation.

    Well no, because when it comes to fast delivery vs quality delivery, Hex29 prioritizes quality. We want to provide our clients with accurate and upfront budget assessments. Thus we will require around 3-5 days to conduct a deep analysis of the client’s requirements and find the best possible features, integrations and resources that will deliver impactful results.

    Yes, we do. We have a diligent team of consultants and analysts who have a wealth of knowledge in the domain. They provide you with validated insights to take your product to market and present effective mechanisms to brand your identity, boost up-conversion and increase customer engagement.

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