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Kicking up of Market Analysis Plugin for e-Commerce WordPress

Hex29 developed an Artificial Intelligence-based plugin for an Australian decking retailer WordPress e-commerce website in order to their promotion purpose. The plugin is able to analyse the reach and demands of the products and report them to the company to promote their business with data science.

Problem Faced

To have an analysis regarding the demands of products and the reach of the products is important to an e-commerce store. An Australian retailer, reselling the products such as ceramics, tiles, roof materials and floor decorating, maintaining e-bay and amazon stores in woo commerce integrated WordPress website, found it difficult to choose suitable products during various seasons and suitable times for posting the products in those stores and website. They wanted to find the products which are in demand from season to season and they required analysis of the regions and cities that get more engagement for products.


To develop an Artificial intelligence Based Plugin which analyzes the products that have high reach and interactions of a post according to the previous ones on Facebook and Instagram. The plugin should be able to analyse the information such as the best times and seasons to post the products, which cities or regions are most engaged and which products are most sought.


Hex29 developed a WordPress plugin with Artificial intelligence in order to raise the business. Using the analysis of the previous post engagements and product interactions, the plugin will be able to suggest what products are mostly viewed by the crowd from season to season. And it suggests times to post those products to get a good reach. It will suggest three suitable times, and the reseller will be able to pick a time among them. Moreover, the plugin will be able to provide the details of the cities and regions which have more engagement for each and every product.