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Indian Cargo Courier Management Suite

Hex29 developed an Indian Cargo Courier Management Suite for our Indian Client’s company to track the deliveries done by them all around Tamil Nadu state. This Management Suite tracks the deliveries of each and every delivery and guides the employees to ease their work.

Problem Faced

To track the orders, it is important to have a delivery tracking system which is connected to all warehouses of every branch. The Courier company was using a delivery tracking system to track the orders they get from international cargo companies, which needed to improve. The previous delivery tracking system hasn’t had multiple third-party integrations and as it was a manual one, there were delays in updating, and some data were missed. Every employee needed more than one username and password to access their accounts to fulfil multiple services.


To create a cargo courier management suite which is interconnected with all the warehouses of the company throughout the country that benefits all the employees and makes their work systematic. The app should be user friendly and easy to use.


We have implemented a cargo courier management suite in which all the warehouses of a company are connected. To empower the tracking method, the tracker system is focused on a great UI/UX design, performance, security, and scalability. The app has multiple third-party integrations and has a single user account and password. It makes the staff management easy. As the databases of all the warehouses are interconnected to the app, it will easily assign the order according to the postal code. As QR code scanning based updating method is used, according to the postal code, the orders will be assigned state-wise or district-wise.

There are two different tracking methods in this suite. One is third party packing, which is tracking the order before they arrive at customs and the other one is tracking the order after they are received by the company.  Using the third-party user identification system(IAM), we integrated and provided authentication for staff management. When the parcels arrive at the portal, they will be automatically assigned to the city, when scanning the QR code and the status of the order will be changed as “shipped to the city”.  When the parcel arrives at the warehouse, after the scanning, the status will be changed to “arrived”. Finally, the orders will be assigned to the delivery boys according to the locations and the app will guide the delivery boy to deliver them in an easy manner.  Moreover, in this real-time web-based portal & mobile application, there is an automated google-suite updating system, in which all the records are automatically updated. The user will be able to access them as any kind of file type.