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An Educational Community Platform for Sri Lankan Students


Hex29 started developing a mobile-based app targeting G.C.E (A/L) students. It is an educational community platform expanding across Sri Lanka with the vision of “connect all to better grade”.

Problem Faced

To achieve the vision of connecting all A/L students together and high up them in their studies, there is a need for a digital educational platform. It is impossible to bring all the students into a physical community for the long term. Students find it difficult to engage with different specialized tutors as they are in various places, in order to get the best out of them. Few students could be too shy to ask doubts.  Due to these and some more reasons, the survey shows, only around 64% of students pass the GCE A/L examination.


To create an educational community platform where all the Sri Lankan A/L students can benefit in achieving their academic grades and increase the pass rate in upcoming years. The platform should be able to user friendly which every student and tutor can get the benefit of.


A mobile based app of an educational community platform targeting the benefits of A/L students is implemented by Hex29.  The platform development is focused on a great UI/UX design, performance, security, and scalability. The app will be able to provide millions of questions, quizzes, theories, past papers, and tutorials. Students and tutors are expected to be the users of this community platform and the students can clarify their doubts from the tutor they prefer. If students prefer not to reveal their names, they can ask their doubts and questions anonymously. Users will be able to share their educational documents and notes. Students’ profiles will be upwarded when they answer a question and the tutors’ profile will be upwarded when endorsements are given.